Basketball Court

Our School

At Lawrenceburg High School, we believe every student can succeed, and our job is to make that possible! We work diligently to ensure our students receive the tools and support they need to grow academically, physically, and socially, so they leave us prepared for vocational and life success.

Philosophy of Education

We help each student at LHS acquire an understanding of the academic, vocational, social, physical, ethical, and moral aspects of life. We strive to help each student obtain and maintain an accurate perception of themselves and their environment while equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary for a full and productive role in our democratic society.

Learning Guarantee

True education is a partnership; a mutual agreement in which each member pledges to do his or her part to ensure the goals of their partnership are met. At LHS, we have partnered with the families and community of Lawrenceburg to ensure that our goal—educating for success—is met for every student who walks our halls. To accomplish this we provide:

  • Qualified and licensed personnel
  • An articulated curriculum with appropriate learning materials
  • Assignments that develop reasonable progress
  • Individual assistance and extra help as needed
  • Regular, systematic, and valid assessments
  • Regular communication of progress

And we expect our students and families to ensure:

  • Regular attendance
  • Reasonable effort in all coursework
  • Timely completion of all assignments
  • A positive attitude towards others