At Lawrenceburg High School, our academics program emphasizes high standards and personal responsibility while providing our students with the support necessary to become independent learners.

Our Curriculum

We offer a diverse array of core curriculum and elective courses to provide our students with the tools they need for post-secondary success as well as the opportunity to explore a variety of career and technical options.

Our core classes exceed Indiana Department of Education requirements and allow students the option of taking their courses for dual credit. These courses, offered through our Early College program, help students save money and time by simultaneously earning credit for both their high school diploma and a college degree. We also offer specialized courses in technical and vocational careers to students who are not interested in attending a four-year university. For more information, please view our course offerings list in the guidance office.

Graduation Requirements

We follow Indiana’s Core40, which requires that students pass at least 40 core credits to graduate from an Indiana high school. Each student at Lawrenceburg must complete:

  • 8 credits of English Language Arts (including literature, composition, and speech)
  • 6 credits of math (including algebra and geometry)
  • 6 credits of science (including biology and chemistry or physics)
  • 6 credits of social studies (including history, government, and economics)
  • 5 credits of world languages, fIne arts, and career/technical education (CTE)
  • 2 physical education credits
  • 1 health credit
  • 6+ credits of elective courses

Students can also graduate LHS with honors by taking more rigorous courses of study. Our academic honors students must maintain at least a B average and complete a minimum of 47 credits including:

  • All requirements for Core40
  • 2 additional math credits
  • 6–8 world language credits
  • 2 fine arts credits
  • Plus one of the following:
    • 4 credits in two or more AP courses
    • 6 transcripted college credits from our dual credit options
    • a combined score of 1750+ on the SAT or a composite score of 26+ on the ACT

We also offer a technical honors diploma. Students interested in pursuing this honor must maintain at least a B average and complete a minimum of 47 credits including:

  • All requirements for Core40
  • 6 credits from College & Career Pathway courses
  • Plus one of the following:
    • Earn an industry recognized certification/credential from our elective options
    • Earn 6 transcripted college credits from our Pathway dual credit options